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Grizzly fi starts as a convenient Liquidity Mining Aggregator. Liquidity Mining enables investors to generate a steady stream of income in a bull and a bear market. The Aggregator launches on the Binance Smart Chain and will expand to other chains shortly after.

We help beginners to get into Liquidity Mining through our simple and intuitive user interface. If you are a beginner, make sure to check out our Beginners Guide.

We are looking for the best liquidity mining opportunities on the market and combine them at one manageable place.
We increase the return for the investor by automatically reinvesting the generated profits (auto compounding).
We help Liquidity Miners to avoid or reduce the risk of "Impermanent Loss".
We reward investors who recommend friends to Grizzly (Affiliate system).
With Grizzly, the investor makes profits whether the crypto market is bullish or bearish.
Conclusion: With Grizzly, beginners and professional investors can achieve profits through liquidity mining that are independent of the general development on the crypto market. With Grizzly, the investor makes a profit with both rising and falling prices.


What exactly is this Grizzly App DeFi and how does it help people to generate money?DeFi stands for “decentralized finance”, which is an overall term to describe a variety of financial applications in cryptocurrency or blockchain. You’re all aware of how centralized financial institutions operate. They hold all the money deposited by you and other customers, and whenever you need to send the money to someone or a loan from the bank you’re subjected to a long, bureaucratic, and tedious process. For their service, the bank takes some percentage of the money. The philosophy of DeFi, and crypto in general, is to cut out this middleman and give this power to everyday people.What DeFi does is to make financial transactions faster, cheaper, and generally more efficient. A DeFi application (short DApp) makes it easy for people to transact money without the need to trust one another. That is, DeFi platforms are built on blockchain to help facilitate financial transactions with the help of smart contracts. DeFi is allowing crypto entrepreneurs to recreate traditional financial instruments in a decentralized architecture, outside of banks or central authorities’ control.Rather than having all the money at one centralized place, it comes from the people that are using the platform. Instead of the banks, the users receive all the fees and therefore can easily make money with their money.Some of the most used DeFi applications are
Liquidity Mining: Providing Liquidity to a decentralized exchange so it can perform swaps. More on that right below.
Staking: "Lock away" a token in order to get revenue sharing from a protocol or to support a "proof of stake" blockchain.
Lending and Borrowing: Lend your cryptos to other users who pay you interest.


The Grizzly fi Honey Token ($GHNY) is the token of the platform. This token is paid out as a reward for doing liquidity mining on For every profit with Liquidity mining, pays a certain amount of Honey tokens as a reward. Investors who invest a lot in liquidity mining, get higher rewards with Honey Tokens.
However, the Honey token is not a prerequisite to do liquidity mining via
The more successful the platform is, the more the Honey Token will increase in value. So you gain profits not only with liquidity mining, but also through the ownership of Honey Token! However, the Honey Token is subject to price fluctuations and the value can rise and fall.
These profits can be increased by putting the Honey Token into a Staking Pool. Here you get additional rewards for staking the Honey Token.

So, how can I make profits with

By Liquidity Mining in the Hives
By Staking the Honey Token in the Honeypot
If the Honey Token increases is value
By referring friends to who do Liquidity Mining (Affiliate-Program)

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